10+ Best Social-Media Strategies for new businesses

If you want to expand your business then you should know social media strategies. The more you make your website interactive, the longer people will stay. To attract more visitors to your website, you need to add more social media links and elements to it.

Although Search engines play an important in increasing traffic to your website at the same time social media also play a big role in your website’s optimization. But the question now arises is what actually is social media marketing?

Basically, social media marketing is marketing using social media platforms. Well, known sites that engage in social media are Google Plus, BlogSpot, Pinterest, Houzz, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Creating your own social media elements such as blogs on your website or participating in other social media websites is what brings traffic to your website. One of the best things about social media is that in general most elements are free in terms of monetary investment. There is, for the most part, no cost to
participate in these networks, what you all need is just a bit of your time investment and that’s all.

Social media marketing is also known as viral marketing because it spreads like a viral. Imagine even your business could spread like a viral you just need to ensure that your social marketing has that viral quality in it.

But wait a second, social media optimization is not as simple as going to a website and signing up or starting a one-paragraph blog and waiting for people to come to your website. For the most part, they won’t. Approaching social media in that manner will waste your time, and by the time you figure it out the bad reputation you may leave behind may haunt your website or
domain name.

You need to take care of the reputation you and your website is holding in social media networks. Here are a few social media marketing strategies that you need to follow.

The basics to keep yourself from having a bad reputation in social networking is this:
when you provide input using social media methods, make sure you do the following.

1. Remember always provide only relative content and no exaggerated claims or useless claims which might lead you in trouble later.

2. The next point to keep in mind is adding positive comments. Never try to make it appear as if you are trying to outdo someone else or are
advertising your services. People don’t forget when a faker tries to jump in their midst for pure marketing purposes. You are marketing but this is social networking. You are making friends.

3. If you are an expert, make sure your claims are accurate. But if you are new or beginner then research well before posting anything. There are real experts on every subject who will
point out your flaws with actual data.

4. Don’t bad mouth a competitor. You’re only inviting a tidal wave of retribution from your competitor and others. Social media optimization is all about first joining communities and creating relationships or friends.

Once you have a great relationship with people and become part of good communities. That’s when you can announce that your website has useful information, and your efforts will begin to pay off.

5. If you have a blog or website then you need to market it as well. And this social media marketing is different than most marketing techniques you are taught in economics or marketing in college or schools.

Now there are numerous platforms where you can make your own social media components, but at the end of the day, you need to remember that you need to target your audience and deliver the right message. And if you don’t then you have the consequences of it.

6. Create valuable content: Now this is quite obvious. Good content is key to social media marketing. If you make it a point to create fresh, unique content regularly, visitors will come to you
because they know they can find the current information they need.

7. Be a valuable resource, even if it doesn’t help you monetarily: If you try to help without expecting anything in return you gain points and you can gain a good reputation which will, in turn, draw users to your website.

Always wearing your salesman hat works in the corporate world, but online it is a death sentence.

8. Help your content spread: One way of advertising your website’s services or products discreetly is to use your trophy and long-tail keywords in your helpful tips and comments on social media sites.

Search engines also index this information and when people use search engines to search on those keywords, your blog or other social networking submissions show up.

Another good tip is to
collect or group your helpful information into other online content such as a PDF, an audio file, or video file which you can provide links for.

9. Increase your linkability: You want useful information that other site owners find valuable enough to put a link on their website to yours. The linkability of your site is determined by the amount of content that you have available to users who might come from social networks.

Old information that rarely changes will not help, so make sure your content is updated regularly.

10. Make bookmarking your site easy: Don’t make users try to figure out how to add your blog or site to their content feed. Post your URL or code for visitors to add you to their important links or their website.

11. Reward helpful users: If you have users that are helpful and/or send business your way, find a way to reward those users so they will continue to be helpful,
especially if you made the sale.

12. Don’t be afraid to try new things: Be daring, use your creativity to do something different as often as possible. In social-media optimization, creativity is rewarded.

Social media marketing is a great tool if used wisely. It can also be a terrible one if you use it wrong. Using the wrong tactics or using them only halfway will render your efforts worthless.

You can also expect that it will be very hard to rebuild the trust that you destroy on the web.

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