Are Chatbots Still Relevant?

The biggest concern for any E-commerce website is to provide an exceptional customer care service. Whether the customer will buy the product for the first time is dependent on the promotions you do and whether he will be a regular customer or not, this is dependent on what kind of after-sales services you are providing. The latest revolution in customer support are the “Chatbots”, not every customer is comfortable to hang in for long waiting hours in the call support of any website and they want a quicker resolution with there small queries. This is where the Chatbots come in, they are pre-defined artificial intelligence software tools which are embedded in the customer care section of a website or an app and they provide grievance redressal in the fastest way possible by using the pre-installed information regarding all the products and services of the particular app or website. With the rise of E-commerce and an increase in internet connectivity, it became a more hefty task for the companies to be able to provide a large number or customer support, executives. Websites like Amazon, ebay and flipkart have millions of users buying products from different sections every day and there is not enough manpower with the companies to provide proper support to all of them at the same time. It will definitely increase the cost of operations for the company and will not be very feasible in the long run. This was the reason that chatbots were introduced in the market and using their artificial intelligence, they create a set of steps for all kinds of customer complaints and helps them get relevant support in no time as the reply time is mostly within seconds. There is no limit as to how many people could be using the chatbot at the same time and if you are smart enough with the execution of content then you might even be able to give a more personal touch to every conversation. The applications of such tools are limitless, you can use it for E-commerce websites, government portals, university websites, coupon promotions and many more. These bots have advanced a lot in the last few years as, not only they chat with you but many of the bots could even schedule tasks for you related to the website and even send you reminders on the registered emails and phone numbers. This is the best way to cater to the needs of a large number of people at the same time. Although, the need for human customer support is always there because these bots can only address the issues which are already installed in their memory and no matter how much you update it, there is always going to be a complex problem for which the customer will be needing a customer support executive and that is where the company should never completely rely on these artificial intelligence bots. Sometimes even a combination of both are used where, the customer is greeted by a bot at the moment he opens a chat for customer support and then the bot tries to help the customer by prompting the usual issue he might have faced and sometimes it works wonders but sometimes the issue is so complex and severe that the customer demands to talk to a real person and that is when the chatbot redirects the chat to a customer support executive. In summary, we would say that the chatbots are relevant to an extent that they help the customer and the company to act on small issues in a faster and convenient way but at the same time the A.I is not that much advance as of now that it can completely replace the whole human customer support system.

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