Everything About Live Streaming and Podcasts

If you have a passion for public speaking and you do not know from where you should begin and where you could get the attention of millions of people at once without really going door to door then you should go for podcasting or live streaming. This is a service that has gained a lot of attention in the last decade as the advancement of the internet and mobile devices. This is somewhat similar to a Radio which we used to listen to in our cars or on our transistors many years back. The podcasts are like online radio which can be accessed by any part of the world and is much more interactive than the traditional radios. It is mostly used by the individuals who actually have something to contribute to society and are willing to bring a change through there speaking. Although, they can also be used for other purposes like- information sharing, important debates, comedy sessions, and many other things. The live-streaming adds the features of a podcast with the Video and the result is much more interactive. In a live stream, you can get the feedback of the viewers and listeners all in real-time and get to know what the people think about your work and the things you are conveying. The comments section in every live stream helps the users to get in touch with the podcasting individual and can get a very interactive experience as the streamer could reply to the comments in real-time.

This live streaming can also be used to live stream an important event like a convocation or a board meeting or it can also be used to promote a social event or a movie too, many of the movie launch or song launches are live-streamed nowadays on the company’s facebook pages and it gives all the followers around the world a sense of attending the event without even being present there. Live streaming and podcast are also used to hold classes and seminars online, which could be attended by any group of people online. This increases social usability but also has some drawbacks in terms of security as many of the sensitive information about an organization can be on display while having a live stream and can be misused by anyone. Therefore, it is advisable that you use the utmost care while using a podcast or live stream and do not share any sensitive information

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