Everything You Need to Know About Android 10 in 2019

Android is the biggest smart phone competitor to Apple’s IOS and they try to innovate there technology every year for new and improved features. the most recent addition to the latest android OS is the Android 10, this is about to roll out in 2019 and google Pixel phones will be the first ones to get the taste of the much awaited operating system. Here we will be discussing about some of the good the bad and the best features of Android 10 and what you can expect from the company who have impressed with there innovations so far.

  • Privacy loopholes- The biggest issue with the android OS was that the users were reporting there data being misused and getting extracted by many apps on the play-store and with the introduction of this new OS, android is about to fix this problem which will allow user to have full control over the shared information and they will be able to get a more secured environment to work.
  • Bubbles Feature- You must have used Facebook Chat pops which overlaps other apps and gets you a more user friendly experience, the same is to be introduced in this new update for this OS and a lot of apps will be given this amazing feature which will definitely increase the user usability.
  • Dark Mode- This is the best feature introduced till date! We say so because whenever we use our phones in the dark, we need a more darker experience so that it does not affects our eyes and so this update brings the long due dark mode to our android applications and settings which will be a great bonus to the user experience.
  • Supports Fold-able Phones- As we all know, Samsung has already announced there fold-able phones which are in the final testing phase and will be introduced soon, we already have a good news for the phone enthusiasts, the new Android Os will be completely compatible with the new fold-able phones and will be giving a smooth user experience with the new models.
  • No Android Beam- The latest addition to the Android family will not be supporting the Android Beam feature which was somehow a let down from the company. Although, we expect to have a new and improved tool which will allow file sharing for all the android smartphones.
  • Better 5G experience- With the introduction of the 5G networks, the Android developers were imminent to introduce new supporting features for the network and so they did. The new OS will have New APIs which will help enabling apps to detect user connection rate and understand latency issues, they will also give a notification for the metered connections.

Altogether, the new update gives some big expectations from the Android OS and we will see what challenges the company will face after rolling out the new OS in the forthcoming months.

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