Grammarly – A Tool For Your Daily Language Needs

If you have ever written something on your computer, mobile device or online on any website then you must have came across a common problem, the problem of “Grammar”.

Now, this issue is not only faced by the novice writers but sometimes even the experts face this issue, the reason being that we have to type in a lot of information in a lesser amount of time and that leads to confusions while trying to be efficient with the data.

The faster you type, the more chances there are that you can make a mistake in your grammar or spelling or punctuation. It is not possible for everyone to proof read every sentence as they go along while typing and this will take a lot of time. We almost need an assistant to do the grammar checks for us while we are completing a typing job. If only there was a tool through which you could get your spelling, grammar and punctuation checked all at once and that too while typing.

This wish came true in the year 2009, when we got the world’s best tool of grammar checking named as “Grammarly”. Most of you must have heard about it as it is one of the fastest growing software community in the world with 20 Million daily users and still counting. This is a tool that can be used by downloading an extension for your browsers or you can use it as an app in your smartphones and tablets.

The functionality of this tool is very simple to understand, it uses Artificial Intelligence to sense the words that you are typing and gives you a real-time feedback as to what are the grammar mistakes you are making. It senses and highlights the mistakes whether it is related to the grammar of the sentence, punctuation of the words, formation of sentence or the spelling of the words. It not only highlights the issues but also gives you a suggestion there and then in a pop up box, so that you can correct the mistake and take the app’s advice for good.

As English is the second most spoken language in the world and most of the documentations of large enterprises are done in English itself so it is very important that we keep in check that the content we are providing is in perfect grammar and Plagiarism free. This is where Grammarly steps in, not only it helps you to write an error free content but also helps you to check whether the content is plagiarism free or not. It has multiple uses and it can be collaborated with most of the major data tools such as Ms Office, Android and Ios keyboards on the smartphones and on your daily browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

 The basic advantages of Grammarly are-:

  • Saves time, as the corrections are made at hand and proof reading is not needed further.
  • Gives a more reliable content which is error free.
  • No need to check the written content for Plagiarism in the future.
  • It also works as a leaning tool for the people who are new to learning the language, as they will get to know about there mistakes beforehand.

It is one of the greatest innovations by the Ukrainian Developers Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider who made this in the Common Lisp Language and it is available for all the major operating systems worldwide.

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