The Major Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTP) have been a boon to all the people using networks, as it has eased the process of opening a website through a connection established through internet. However, with time a need for a more secured connection was needed so that the data can be saved from any third party interactions. This was the reason why HTTPS was made.

The HTTPS(Hypertext transfer protocol secure) is the secure version of the general HTTP and it is mostly used for the monetary transactions online. There are a many advantages of HTTPS over HTTP but the main issue arises when the HTTPS usually redirects to the secured location and the HTTP takes us directly to the referred URL.

We will be discussing the basic differences between the two in the forthcoming section-:

  1. Security- In terms of a secure network, HTTPS is much better than HTTP as it helps creating a safe environment for the user to make online transactions by using different port section.
  2. URL beginning- In HTTPS the URL of the website starts from “https//” and in HTTP it starts from “http//” which is enough to differentiate between them both.
  3. Data transmission- In HTTP, the data is shared as it is to the end user, whereas, HTTPS uses a different algorithm and it scrambles the data before transmitting it and unscrambles it once the end user is ready to receive the data and this increases the security from data theft.
  4. Protocols Used- HTTP uses the TCP/IP protocols but HTTPS does not have a separate protocol but still it uses the encrypted version of the TLS/SSl.
  5. Checking the Domain Names-  The HTTPS compels the website to have an SSL certificate to run but HTTP does not have any such validation process.
  6. Ports Used- HTTPS uses the 443 port and the HTTP uses port 80 to perform.
  7. Faster working- The HTTP works much faster than HTTPS as it skips any certifications and data scrambling.
  8. Hack-ability- The HTTP is more prone to hacking attacks. Whereas, the HTTPS has a more secured functioning and cannot be hacked easily.
  9. Usage- HTTP is mostly used for the websites that do not have any sensitive or confidential information on them, if you want to save any data from theft then the HTTPS is preferred for having a safe online operations.

These are some of the main differences between HTTP and HTTPS but both the protocols have there own advantages and disadvantages and both cannot be used in the place of the other. As, if you want to have a faster website for your blog or movie streaming then you should go for HTTP but if you want to have safer banking transactions online then you have to go for HTTPS. Just choose the right option considering the speed and vulnerability of the data.

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